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Cs Alternator Wiring Diagram Resistor - The diagram above would have the brown wire coming out of the connector at the firewall, going toward where the regulator was, connecting to the blue wire, then the blue wire goes to the alternator. As I said, I cleaned up the wiring (and in the process, dirtied up the wording).. Sep 26, 2010  · Works fine , I like the diagram except for the 10 gauge charge wire , I would definently upgrade that to at least 4 gauge. Run from the stud of the alternator directly to the battery with 4 gauge , "S" terminal in the plug goes to the stud on the alternator with the charge wire , "L" terminal in the plug goes to the factory brown excite wire.. Sep 08, 2009  · now if your alternator has the plug like in the photo above (4 pins, 2 , 3 or 4 wires come out of it) then that is a CS130/144 alternator. wentworth , Sep 8, 2009 wentworth , Sep 8, 2009.

Some other tidbits available from AC Delco for wiring up a 10SI, is wiring package 1870921 (for those 6 to 12volt conversions). This contains the terminal connector AND an extra resistance wire pigtail to connect to the ignition system (don't use a ballast resistor if you use a resistance wire).. The CS-144 model that you want is an O'Reilly Auto Parts alternator for a 1986 Buick La Sabre front wheel drive with a 3.1 Liter V-6 engine (Engine Code B) has the correct CS-144 alternator. external ballast resistor connect this wire to the battery side or key switch side of the resistor or directly to the key switch itself (switched side). This wiring configuration will excite the alternator to start charging when the engine is running at DELCO 3-WIRE ALTERNATOR INSTALLATION 12-VOLT NEGATIVE GROUND SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS.

May 07, 2012  · You will need to add a 75 Ohm resistor where the 'Diode' is in the image above to keep the CS series alive, but that's a 25¢ part at Radio Shack, Or you can buy a $25 'Adapter' from NAPA that will plug into the alternator, and allow your stock 'Two Wire' plug to connect to it.. Alternator Voltage Regulator FET Driver is sensed at Terminal A via the resistor divider network R1/R2 on the Sense pin of the IC. The voltage at the sense pin determines the duty cycle for the regulator. The voltage CS3361 - Alternator Voltage Regulator FET Driver. wiring cs130d to cs144 alternator - I have an 04 Chevrolet Avalanche 4WD 1500 that I am swapping a 200a CS144 alternator into. I have the plug for the CS144 that I am trying to wire to the truck wiring. The truck plug I believe is a CS130D and has 3 unlabeled wires a blue, grey, and brown. The brown.

SI to CS Alternator Conversion. In 1986 GM introduced the completely new, 105-amp, CS130 Delcotron alternator (CS130 = Charging System with 130mm diameter stator) because the SI alternators could not keep up with the increased electrical demand and because overdrive transmissions were lowering engine and alternator rpms.. Unlike other charging systems which have three wires connected to the alternator, the CS-121 and CS-130 may be used with only two wires connected to the alternator. The output wire to the battery positive and an "L" terminal wire connected to the charge indicator bulb, or to the resistor, or to both.. Feb 14, 2008  · If anything, shouldn't there be a resistor on the voltage sensing wire (term 2) in order to limit the alternator output? The regulator is designed to have less than 12 volts and a limited amount of current on terminal 1 thus the light and/or resistor..

3.0 CONTENTS OF THE PAINLESS WIRE HARNESS KIT Refer to Figure 3-1 to take inventory. See that you have everything you're supposed to have in this kit. If anything is missing, contact the dealer where you obtained the kit or Painless Performance at (800) 423-9696.. Apr 21, 2011  · look at you factory wiring diagram ,and be sure to bypass the ammetre because its not make to take 105a , and on the connector there is S.F.L.P , you only need to connect the "S" to the post in back of the alternator , and 4ga wire from post to battery , and the "L" to a 12v source (on and start) and dont forget to install a 82ohm 5 watt resistor or a charging light on that "L" wire the F and.

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